In these classes, students are introduced to technology that helps visually, or hearing-impaired individuals to interact more fully with their environment. In many cases, it is their first exposure to the machines and devices they will come to rely on for the rest of their lives. Often, these classes result in “Aha!” moments, when a student discovers how much easier one of the tools can make his or her day-to-day life.


Braille Note Apex: With an Apex a student has the capability to complete any task that a computer can assist with in a tiny portable device using a braille keyboard for input and a refreshable braille display to read text.  This device also has speech output so that the student can navigate more quickly.







Perkins Braille Writer: One of the most common devices available  in order for an individual to emboss a Braille document manually.








Math Window:   These simple, yet useful devices have magnets with braille on them so that both a sighted and a blind person could work together on math computation.






Brannen Cubarithm Cube Tray:  This device acts as “pencil and paper”  enabling students to calculate  math problems.








Braille Embosser: An electronic device that produces braille documents quickly from a computer or Apex

picyutr of embosser