Our Philosophy at St. Lucy Day School

Our philosophy at St. Lucy Day School is rooted in three basic beliefs regarding life, personhood, and community. The first belief is that life is a gift. We each have a responsibility to live our life to the fullest, to live with dignity and with grace, and to praise God through that life.

The second belief is that we all have a unique personhood and are loved equally by God.  We must love each other the way God loves us––in our unique brokenness. Together we struggle to commune with God who offers us all wholeness in grace. Disability may be seen in this context, not as the identity of any individual, but as one facet of all individuals.

The third belief, and the mission of Saint Lucy Day School, is that all of us––students, family and staff in the community of Christians––are one. We are a gift to each other, and we are responsible for helping one another grow; to find our place in the Kingdom, and to strive for, with God’s grace, the realization of our greatest potential.


Our Philosophy at Archbishop Ryan Academy for the Deaf

AT ARAD, we embrace our mission to provide a loving and affirming learning environment for deaf and hard of hearing children.  Children are given the opportunity to receive an education that is based in faith and centered on language. They are guided and empowered to develop a strong sense of self and a relationship with God.

Language, an integral tool for receiving and exchanging information, permeates every aspect of teaching and learning. American Sign Language provides the opportunity for students to be bi-lingual. Each student’s uniqueness is respected, and an appropriate education plan directs his or her journey of learning.