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About Us

LPB Cards was established on December 10, 2004 by two third grade students who felt their art was indeed marketable.
Children who are blind/visually impaired and children who are deaf design and produce LPB Cards.  Involved in each phase of the business process children gain the experience and confidence that will ultimately give them a blueprint for future projects and business ventures.



Each card costs $1.00.
This cost includes an envelope.
Shipping is free!

Contact us by phone or email. Call 215-289-4220 or email LPBCards@live.com

Please include the following information:

Name, Address, Phone Number, Card Catalogue number(s) or special order request and quantity desired.


Catalogue of Predesigned Cards

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How to Order

Refer to the catalogue of predesigned cards.  Let us know which cards you would like and how many of each.

Thank You

TY-1 “Thank you for all that you do.”

TY-2 “You are a valued team player, a champion for our cause.”

Get Well

GW-1 “Wishing you would be better!”

GW-2 “I hope you feel two times better!”

Thinking of You

ToY-1 “I’m keeping in touch so that we may grow together.”

Happy Birthday

HB-1 “Life is worth celebrating. Join the party!”

Good Luck

GL-1 “Dream, dare, and do. God’s blessings upon you!”

We also do Cards on Demand, that is, you share with us the occasion, desired subject for the art, and special message you would like printed in large type (24 point) and embossed in braille. Cards on Demand that we have designed include: Wedding Invitations, Graduation Thank You, Baptismal Announcements, and Personalized Christmas Cards.


Method Of Payment

Your order will be shipped with an invoice. Mail the invoice back with a check or money order payable to: St. Lucy Day School.


                        Thank you for your business!

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